Friday, November 30, 2012

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About PressGlobe
PressGlobe is an independent non-profit news and analysis service provider that focuses on events in Iran and the Middle East. With its network of analysts, correspondents and reporters in regional countries, PressGlobe is able to provide fast and reliable exclusive news and analysis on the political, social and economical situation in Iran and its effects on the region.

PressGlobe is dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date information and news on the Persian Gulf region in a fair and balanced manner. We provide a wide array of daily news, commentary, news analysis, and investigative reporting. We have a newly-launched section on Life in Iran called the "cultures" in which we will publish accounts of the lives of ordinary Iranians of all walks of life. We also launch a multimedia section, namely the :Iranian Songs". Through editorial initiatives and access to opposition sources, our stories offer an insight into the complex situation in Iran and the Persian Gulf region that is indispensable to scholars, journalists, politicians, business people and all those interested in this sensitive part of the world.

We hope our services give you a new perspective on major developments in the region. Our editors welcome your comments and suggestions. Story inquiries and other comments may be directed to:

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